Over $4000 earnings, and have not contributed for years

I joined Dreamstime back in 2006, and way back at the start I was hungry to get 1,000 images online.

But work requirements dragged me away. In fact, my Canon 5d has not been turned on for over 2 years. Although my love of looking at photos has never waned.

But what I wanted to share with new photographers is the benefit of Dreamstime to those of us who get distracted. You see, the time your image is online and selling is a huge benefit to you. I opened up my account today to find another $160 in sales. Over the time I have earned over $4000. The more times you sell an image, the more it is worth to the site, and to you. That means, even if your images are old, if they have currency, they are valuable. And you can sell less but earn MORE. MUCH MORE

So do not give up, get smarter. Use the tools of the site to see what is selling, and the keywords buyers are looking for. Find images that tell that story. Also, read information about stock photos and advertising, and understand the trends, and the things that do not change.

Anyway, after only 8 years I am hardly an expert or a veteran, but I wanted to share these tips with new photographers to the site.

Remember, enjoy your work, have fun, and shoot with passion.

Photo credits: David Hilcher.

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good job!!!


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Congrats, great portfolio.


Thank you. Good testimony...


Thanks for sharing. It,s very encouraging to see that you can make money overtime without having to upload like crazy.


Great story...thanks


Nice story! Definitely a lesson for those who expect overnight results.


You are doing great for not being active for years. Your portfolio is amazing.


Litefeta; I love photography except for rejections !!!!!!! but the price of improving is being rejected and then taking criticism as constructive and helpful. David.


I must move to Australia then :-) Thanks.


@Davidwatmough. Yes David, if you looked at a return on investment I am losing. But the cameras feed a habit I can never earn money from. and that is my personal love of photographing storms on a beach. Nobody has ever wanted to buy any of those pics.


with regards to the taxation: I filled in a form for Dreamstime which means regardless of how much I earn, I still contribute to the US taxation system. With regards to personal income tax, in Australia, your income is considered a hobby if it is not significant enough to make a profit over your costs. The taxation department told me $20,000 p/a is a reasonable point to stop considering it a hobby and considering it a business.


I can guess that since you need to buy cameras , lenses, travel, to events net income for most of us is zero or negative, I have bought two Nikon D700 cameras, Nikor lens , traveled to many events............... all I could declare is losses but income defrays costs, helps pay petrol to go to events....... why pay tax if you are losing money ? Benefit is learning how to do better photography and maybe using material for other purposes. That's only my opinion and the blog writer might disagree. David .


Hi. I have a question for you, please don't understand me wrong, is all about technical details. In all these 8 years nobody asked you to pay taxes for those $4000? Or you did payed? Thanks.


Great result, congratulations!


very good nice porfolio


Congratulations! Very interesting! I saved your blog in my computer because I want to show at all photographers of stock!


Your pictures are very popular~~


congratulations! imaging what the sales would have been if you had hit 1000 images online.

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