PACA Annual Meeting

It's late Friday night in Alexandria, Virginia and from my nicely upgraded room on the 24th floor I can see the Capital and the Washington Monument. But I'm not here to sightsee. Tonight was the opening reception of the PACA (Picture Agency Council of America) annual meeting. I first joined PACA when we could all meet at a small table in a Chinese restaurant in New York City. Since then PACA's membership has grown to embrace all members of the stock photography world. Dreamstime became one of the first of the social network photography sites to be welcomed into PACA.

Ellen and Jeff
The purpose of this weekend's gathering is to meet with colleagues in the industry and to learn from both the members of the press and a panel of buyers about what they see the future to be for all the various distribution models.

Nancy Wolff
Attending tonight's event with me was Dreamstime COO, Jeff Prescott. It was great to be able to sit down and catch some face time with Jeff. Earlier in the evening I chatted with Nancy Wolff, PACA legal counsel. Nancy has been responsible over the last few years for creating many of the documents that direct the course of much of the stock business. She is on the forefront of all issues dealing with copyright and keeps PACA members up to date on case law as that evolves.
PACA web master Doug Dawirs took a test drive of the Dreamstime site using my laptop and expressed enthusiasm for the innovations that he saw. Doug has been involved in user interface design for stock agencies for many years and has created many exciting innovations in the industry on his side of the business.

Doug Dawirs
Tonight we caught up with all the members of the board of PACA, including new PACA Secretary, Ben Winters, and learned that the board has many exciting new initiatives including expanded committees with strong leadership.

Ben Winters
I was approached by many of my former colleagues with congratulations for joining Dreamstime, a company many have told me they hold in the greatest respect. My first meeting is early in the morning so this is a wrap for the first day of the PACA annual meeting.

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May 06, 2007


Ooops! That's too bad... Too bad that people think they have to lie to get their images out there...
Thanks for keeping us posted on the latest, Ellen.

May 05, 2007


I attended a very interesting panel today. Users of stock photography listed their most frustrating experiences with stock photography. Here are the two that came up again and again: Bad captions and incorrect keywords. One example was of an animal in a zoo that was titled that it was in a specific wild animal preserve. The user was the National Wildlife fund and they were very upset when they used the image and a reader noticed a zoo building in the background.

May 05, 2007


Ellen, looks like it was a fun meeting. Please spend a lot of time in bars and restaurants and have a great time with your colleagues. :)

May 05, 2007


Hey, great to hear you having a good time... :) It's so nice to see faces behind the names we hear from here and there. Hope you keep us posted with new trends and courses in the stock industry.
Have fun! :)

May 05, 2007


Hi Ellen,

if I click on your link there comes up: No articles

Please check. Thanks.



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