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Hi All,

I gave this presentation in Chicago a few weeks back and did an audio over the top to share with others. This is just the way we run our business it doesn't mean it's the correct way. I know you are all very talented photographers but I hope there might be one useful piece of info for all of you. Here is the link.



Photo credits: Jonathan Ross.

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Thanks again for all the support. I have another to upload next week on how we build out our shot lists. Stay tuned not as glitzy a Power Point but still some nuggets in there.



Hi Jonathan
Very informative. Thank you very much for your efforts in sharing this.



Quite instructive, especially the part about Macro/RM, Micro and Quality.


Darn Unaphoto want a job in Public Relations : ) You made me sound great! I am glad you got a lot out of it if you ever have a question please feel welcome to drop me a line.



Hi Jonathan,
I watched your presentation twice.
I urge everyone else, from newbie to experienced photographer to do the same.
This is a rare insight into a wonderful world, a world I never even knew existed. It is stock photography to the highest level, not simple stock anymore but pure art.
The hints and tips are real gems, and as usual your words are kind and friendly.
On a more personal note I still can't believe you made your models wash your car! :)
Another good one - on your stats, DT seems to be doing at least as well as IS. That felt great!
And the beauty of your images made me feel humble. Amazing, the work of a master.
Thousands upon thousands of dollars, and each cent well deserved.
For everything you've done for us, for your kind words and willingness to help, thank you!
Looking forward for more of the same, I wish you and your family all the best.


That was great! Lots of good information!


Thx Wild mac. I appreciate the support. It was a fun project to put together.



Wow! There are some gold nuggets in there! Very useful, thank you for sharing :0)

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