Painting With The Light

Today I came across lots of information about painting with light. It's an exiting area of photography. Just wanted to share some links with you.

First I have to start with Wikipedia definition:

And here are some tutorials, howtos and examples:

Painting With Light

How to Create Light Graffiti

Write or Draw with Light!

Painting With Light

30 Awesome Examples Of Light Graffiti

And when you like painting with the light, you just have to see that: Sprint flashlight-animation commercial

or this:

Light Painting - Light Graffiti - Ford Kuga (Flowers)

Or the whole movie: Light Painting Movie

Or check out this guy. He is a real light magician: LED Painting - hat trick

Neat, eh?

© Pdtnc
© Cmd_90

Photo credits: 13claudio13, Artography, Craig Doros, Markobradich, Michael Ledray, Pdtnc.

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Wow, Susan! How did you made it?

 Abstract Background 


My light art. In case you're curious....



I played around with lights some, don't know how to make them do what I want, but they're pretty.


Very interesting!! Too bad my pocket camera doesn't let me adjust my shutter speed.


Nicely done!




Hehehe :) HI well done! :)))


Well... I need to practice more... But when you asked: here's the link. :)


Great! Will we see the results?


Great! :) I played yesterday the whole night. It's really tricky to get it "right", like you imagined. And we have very short nights right now also, approx 3 hours... :) I discovered, it could be a really good entertainment for long winter nights. ;))


good blog and good share. guess what I'm gonna try this out.


Wooow...great photos and concepts...and really useful article! :)
I should give a try, too :)


I've read some tuts about painting with lights. Maybe I should give it a try!

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