Panning, The Art Of Motion Photography!

Panning is an interesting art of photography. It has been there since ages but it still excites many photographers. It gives the right feel of motion to your pictures. Panning works best for sports and motion photography or when you want to depict a motion or movement in your subject while keeping it sharp and focused.

Panning basically means you click the picture of a moving subject while you move your camera with the subject. You get the subject clear but the background is blurred. For this experiment with the following settings:

- Set your camera on a slow shutter speed like 1/40 or 1/30. You need the slow shutter speed as you need the blurred background.

- Stand on the side of the road (best place to practice with the moving traffic). Decide on a point in the middle of the road, in front of you, where you adjust your focus.

- Select a motorist or a car and keeping it in your view you rotate the camera with it. The moment you reach the point where you have set the focus, shoot your picture but keep the camera fixed on the subject.

For best results set the lens focusing mode to continuous and take multiple shots.

This needs a lot of practice, but it gets more exciting as you get better and better. Keep clicking and post your comments about the experience. I’m sure this is a first for many.

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Photo credits: Giuliamonique, Steve Mann.

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August 18, 2011


just love the picture of the dog. the other one is photoshop all the way, no panning technic there! About the speed settings, no sure if you can set a speed as a tip, you are inducing others to error. The simple example of that, is that you shot the dog at 1/1000th with f7.1 and iso 800, so there are no rules for speed, just go with the light avaliable and the speed of your subject. a moving turtle will require a very different setting than a rocket missile!

August 18, 2011


Thanks for sharing! Great pictures...

August 18, 2011


Thanks for sharing! Congratulations. Nice pictures...

August 18, 2011


It 'a great creative technique, to develop their potential! Nice blog, congrats!

August 17, 2011


Thanks for sharing this great info.

August 17, 2011


I have an image of a bike / cyclist of this type taken recently at the Strathpeffer Highland Gathering and already in my portfolio. I agree its a useful way to increase interest. David. [imgl]http://www.20623733[/imgl]

August 17, 2011


Thanks for sharing!!!

August 17, 2011


Thanks for sharing! It looks great!

August 17, 2011


I have been practising and practising. Still haven't get the results I crave for. I wonder though, do you use a tripod for that kind of shots or do you mostly do it handheld?

August 17, 2011


I love panning, but it's a hard technique to master for me personally. But it's still so fun to try, isn't it? Hope to see some panning images from you soon! :)

August 17, 2011


i've tried that once and I was not very satisfied by the result! I will use those tips and let's see the results. Thank for sharing

August 17, 2011


Thank you for sharing tips of panning photography. I like action photography especially when taking picture of my hyperactive son :-)

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