Panoramas with Carpathian mountains (part 1)

The panoramic photography is used quite often by the mountaineers in order to show the mountains area due to the wide fields of view.

Often the panoramic photography can replace a map (when the sky is clear) for those who know (or if it appears on the photo) the toponyms of the area.

The panoramic photography is used more and more in the touristic descriptions, on mountains websites or travel guide books.

Here you can see some of my panorama pictures from Carpathian Mountains.

Photo credits: Emicristea.

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July 17, 2008


This panorama with the ruins of the old Dacian province of Roman Empire, was may best sell of panoramas:

July 17, 2008


Hello Ratmanddude.
You cand see in EXIF that this images are made with normal camera. Composition is from three to ten images (depends on my frame ideea).

When you shoot for panoramas you have to make the composition pictures in portrait format (even if you need to make more frames in this position than in landscape position). The advantage is that you make panoramas with bigger height and you don`t make distortion of the light from corner to corner.

Is an disadvantage in Dreamstime to see a preview of a panorama because the lenght is limited to some pixels, and the buyer can`t see the details of panoramas to choose one for his needs.

But is a protection for us, because our work can`t be still at some resolution that someone can use it on webpages (for examples).

July 16, 2008



I was just wondering … Have you shot these on a monster camera, or are they the results of compositing of few frames together? The latter is my only way, to date … to get anything of a really "usable" size, as I only have a 10MP [SONY A-200] at the moment.

My samplings are a range of items … perhaps you may be interested to see them:

Unfortunately, as the landscape format is so much smaller in height – the disadvantage, I believe is that the image previews are much too small in the browser —
I guess that the width is the governing dynamic, but wouldn't be better if the previews were then limited to a double width block?

What say you?

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