Panoramas of underrated fields and places

I live in a country that offers a great variety of panoramas... it's quite difficult to choose what is better, so when I am in relax time I usually bring my camera with me to be "ready" for occasional shots...

Sunset view in Vibo Marina

This up here is a sunset shot of a mid-march serene day. It was taken on the seaside here in my Country, Italy, Vibo Valentia, on Mediterranean sea. This period of the year is quite calm for tourists, so people of the place use this port for commercial reasons, preferably in fisheries activities.

On the other side of the town, there is a place where relax is the best thing to do after work:

Behind the scenes of a country panorama

Here on the hills, peace can be tasted and touched with hands. I wish I could have this picture approved when there was the Assignment of Underrated Towns opened. Unfortunately it was not yet approved in time.

Try to hear the sound of silence with a closeup of a lone tree:

Concept of Silence

Can you? Enjoy...

Photo credits: Debora Teresa Gattuso.

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May 16, 2016


Get ready to open up a bottle of Prosecco on your first sale Debora!

May 16, 2016


Thank you Rajansingh

May 15, 2016


Wow ! Great panaromic shots

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