As I buyer, I've really enjoyed discovering Dreamstime. I don't do desktop publishing fulltime, but will usually do my own brochures and print materials every now and then. I've bought inexpensive photo libraries and I've bought some very expensive stuff as well.

While creating a new brochure, I knew I want to do a look and style of a Army manual, circa 1940. An internet search took me to Dreamstime and I was surprised at the quality, then was relieved by the price.

I purchased credits and downloaded several old paper pictures and adjusted them in Photoshop. In addition, I still had credits left so I browsed old army photos and found several that really made the brochure pop.

Since then, I have come back to download other images for projects I'm working on. Most recently, I am developing my fourth feature film (the last one was released by Sony and stars Lou Diamond Phillips) and I need art for a Business Plan. I am so grateful to have a resource like Dreamstime.


Your article must be written in English

August 12, 2007


High in the film business? I hope you aren't referring to drugs. I don't know what those crazy LA cats do for recreation, but I don't touch the stuff. Thanks for the compliment, but I'm simply an independent filmmaker struggling like everyone else.

I usually prefer photos as to illustrations. Guess I never really learned the vectored programs, so feel more comfortable manipulating images rather than creating things from scratch. And I take my own photos. I own a Canon 20D. Even though I hire a still photog for the set, being a filmmaker doesn't take the joy away from shooting my own. I guess a big thrill for me is when the distributor picks my photo over the "professionals" for the cover art. Maybe one day I'll drift over to the Photographers area where everybody will be able to sniff out a fake. haha.

Dan Millican

August 11, 2007


What kind of art do you need? So cool that someone high in the film business would consider using little old us to help.

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