parchment tutorial

Ever wanted to create an image of old parchment paper like this?

© Tose

Or this?

Or these?

© Lagui

Well now you can with the help of this easy Photoshop Tutorial.

These images are very popular on stock sites and it wouldn't harm your portfolio to have one of your own available for download.

Hope you enjoy it, and please leave some comments.


Photo credits: Bob Ainsworth, Rafael Laguillo, Gansovsky Vladislav, Patrick, Tose.

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August 23, 2007


Thanks icyimage. I hope if people actually follow my articles and get that work accepted here that they'll post the image number so we can all look at them.

August 23, 2007


your articles are so useful, and it is good that we are all different, so we all write something new and special from our characters.

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