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" Tutankhamen – His Tomb and Treasures ".

The Spectacular Exhibition arrived to the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague.

The pharaohs and their passage to eternity ...

Way of the rulers of ancient Egypt - Pharaohs on "the next world" has long been shrouded in mystery. After finding the tomb and treasures of Tutankhamen was decided to show the world these beautiful amazing artifacts.

Also, I have decided to visit the exhibition.

With bated breath, I walked into a dark room and watching the magnificent golden ark, coffins, jewels, throne ... And I marveled , what there was to see.

Feast your eyes looking on my photos that I did there. Also I made a new collection of photographs - Egypt: Tutankhamen - His Tomb and Treasures.

Thank you for your visiting.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and next days!

Photo credits: Helena Bilkova.

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August 20, 2013


To: Laurasinelle
Thanks Laura for your nice comment :)

August 20, 2013


Really beautiful images! Thanks for sharing!

August 16, 2013


To: Egomezta
Thank you, Enrique. Never in my life have I seen such a unique exhibition relating to history.
Have a nice day in MX ! :)

August 15, 2013


These images are amazing, Egypt is an amazing country and it's history is amazing.

August 13, 2013


To: Concetta
Thank you. I was pleased. Have a nice day! :)

August 12, 2013


Beautiful images Helena^_^

August 11, 2013


To: Lenutaidi
Thanks for comment and visiting :)

To: Gheburaseye
Yes, it's spectacular exhibition Treasures from the golden age of the pharaohs time. Archaeologists have done a great job. Let's be glad that these treasures are restored in the Museum of ancient in Cairo. Fortunately they were not robbed.

August 10, 2013


Life of Tutankhamon is one of the most interesting of ancient Egypt and his treasure one of the most beautiful. Great pics, thank you for sharing them ;)

August 10, 2013


Great images! Thank you for sharing!

August 10, 2013


To: Inyrdreams
Thank you for your nice comment.

August 10, 2013


what a fun thing to photograph! you did a good job. they are an amazing people with lots of secrets still!

August 10, 2013


Thanks, Peter.

August 09, 2013


Great...!!!!! :-)

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