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The Chestnut Village named after chestnut trees all over hills and countrysides is located in Paibi Town of Huanyuan County, Tujia & Miao Minority Autonomy State,Western Hunan Province ,China.Here rows of stilted buildings constructed of wood-stone set up according to mountainous physiognomy.A twisty broken-stone path stretches among houses and mounts along the mountain body to summit of hill.

Overlooking whole village from the top of hill, you can see the upper houses connect with the lowers to compose multiple rows and layers ,all buildings settle down in variety and harmony.the view is grand and magnificent. At clear sunshine dawn and dusk chimney smokes rise up everywhere to mingle with glows irradiating down from the summit of hills through interspaces between clouds in the low altitude,then there come a resplendent and pavonine spectacle and whole village vesture in a seething and propitious atmosphere.

The Chestnut Village is an ancient tribe of Miao clan which remains completely and purely their own traditional culture and customs. In their daily life they still wear in fine archaic and comfortable clothes decorated with flower belts(a kind of beautiful pattern and design called as local residents).Here everyone can speaks and sings in Miao language.and during festivals they assemble together to hold folk feast on which they sing folk songs and dance in traditional tune at ancient rhythm excitedly.Towel Dance,Shaking Knife Dance,Plowing Dance etc.are Miao clan’s traditional dances which represent the archaic agriculture life. And Ghost Drama and Stinging Buffalo are role programs on Solar Annual Convention Of The Chestnut Village.

The mysterious traditional magic tricks of Miao such as Calming Down Chicken,Climbing Knifes Ladder,Stamping Hot Iron, Eating Bowl and Swallowing Chopsticks push the Solar Annual Convention to another climax. The Ghost Drama performed by the solemn Sorcery Master permeate each taches of this meeting, in the ceremony the Master’s finger languages,the murmurs of abracadabras and scattering ashes of burnt joss stick bring people into remote and archaic sagas or fairy tales.These magic tricks had elaborated, established and civilized the harmonious relationship between human and nature,Miao’s survival law, personal behaviors and moral standard for everyday affairs, from generation to generation all these predominate the folk culture of clan and ethnic spirit.of the tribe.

Along with the development of communication and traffic The Chestnut Village is gradually known by the external world. Its unique style of buildings, excellent landscape and special customs attract a large numbers of folk scholar, photographer and painter to visit here for study and sketching,and now this village is taken as sketching base for several fine art academies.

Now the contented residents here develop family tour business in the theme of “ecosystem and custom” according to the physical truth and geography location of the village,they will welcome guests from far with honestness,natural affection and family’s warmth. When you stroll on the path , the villager will give you friendly salute;When you walk into any yards, owner will complaisantly invite to their dinner, they will entertain you with done-well cued bacon and sour fish stored in demijohn for a long time.In the dinner host encourages you not to stop eating and drinking until you are full and drunk.

The sagamore will accompany you to climb the twisty road all the time and patiently interpret the origins of Miao tribe, sagas and customs of Miao.;Sometimes there is an old granny who takes an elegant beverage out from the refrigerator and chases trembly after you for a long distance to thrust the beverage into your hands,if you turn down she will sour her cheeks......

A lot of unforgettable affairs happened in the village had affected tourists .When passengers were to leave the village they are so reluctant to part,and their genuine feeling of gratitude were so fierce that it was too hard to choke back!


Photo credits: Xiao Zhuhua.

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May 17, 2014


Well written story and beautiful photos. The children remind me of those in remote areas of Mexico.

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beautiful photo!

May 16, 2014


Good article and the best images!

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Beautiful blog and images, congratulations!!!

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Great images thanks for sharing.

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