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A passion, a change of life

Compared to most of the illustrators here, I'm just a beginner.

I was born and raised in Taiwan. Got a BA in English there and came to US for my graduated studies. I got a MS in graphic design, right now I'm working at a publisher doing mainly newspaper layouts. I went to drawing classes when I was a kid. Unlike most of parents in Taiwan only care about the school grades, my parents encouraged me to explore something outside the classroom. I did some drawing, some piano, and lot of sports. However, the passion about doing illustration just came back to me recently in a totally different form.

Because of the low budget at work, I was forced to make out lot of things from nothing. I realized that I was actually not too bad at it, and I really enjoyed doing it. Now, making illustrations is something I can have fun and total freedom with to balance my long-hour boring newspaper production time.

I don't think I will become a full-time illustrator, but I would love to be a graphic designer who can draw. And here, is where I start. :)

Photo credits: Tang167.

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March 13, 2008


Well, you are off to a great start. I really like your Siamese cat, great expression on his face, you gave him an almost human quality in the way you did the eyes. Keep up the good work.

March 12, 2008


you will achieve your goals one day!

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