Passion for photography diminishes?

Have you ever feel that you seem to lose your creativity when taking photos? It does happen to me once in a while... Perhaps its because of work... What do you do when it happens?


Photo credits: Vincent Luar.
Vincent Luar
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I started photography roughly about 3 years ago. Always wanted to leave memories at different stages of my life through these photos. I am always on the look out for compositions and angles that will make great images! Do leave me a comment when viewing my photos. I really appreciate that in order to keep improving. Cheers! (^_^)

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June 17, 2008

True! It is like your creative juices have been dried up. U no longer make a smashing pictures. Just lie low. Do not do anything. It has happened to me almost billion times. What do i do? I just leave the photography for a week or a month forget that i am a photographer and then after month surprisingly i find myself all over again in the form. Try this.


June 16, 2008

Man-o-man are you correct. Some weekends I am in a vacuum and cannot get my creative juices flowing. Other times I have all kinds of ideas, just no time to make them happen:)


June 16, 2008

good to know i'm not the only one...!! for me, it happens when i put myself under pressure to get a great shot of something or someone, i'm concentrating so much on getting that one shot, that i miss the oppourtunity to be creative with what is around me. i have to eat some chocolate - the remedy for everything - and take a break, put down my camera, listen to music, or read the paper, just to take my mind off it!!


June 16, 2008

Just like writers can run into writer's block, so can photographers run into photographer's block. It happens to me. That's when I realize I need a break to let my batteries recharge. I don't worry about finding a way out of it, and something often comes along to inspire me. Like yesterday. I was out taking some final photographs of the baby ducks and geese as they grow up (they are almost full adults now in appearance). I felt that creative block creeping in, so I went on home. On the way home I decided I wanted to stop at the pond by the hospital to take a closer look around, as I haven't done that yet. When I got there, I saw that the water lilies were in bloom. As I was getting pictures of them, a Belted Kingfisher came screaming through the scene. THAT is what sparked my creative juices flowing again. I ran out of memory card room, so had to come back home. I spent another hour in my own back yard sneaking up on young rabbits and being stalked by a deer. It was fun. :)


June 16, 2008

Thanks Aryaimagery! I guess there are times when i DO compare myself with others. As a result will get upset when i cant match them.... Indeed if i enjoy what i am doing, i will be fine!


June 16, 2008

I believe I just overcame such phase, Last One month; I didn't try my camera at all. Then I started as a beginner and start working from scratch. Taking lots of test shots, experimenting Shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Again, feeling like learning photography from the beginning. I am consciously not comparing myself with anybody, including my previous works and skills. Again, I am discovering the joy of photography. As long as, I am enjoying what I am doing, I am fine. I will start thinking and Creative thinking, I know.