Past and Future of 3D viewing

Retro 3D glasses used to view 3D images and videos on TV aren't used too much anymore. They are being replaced by newer technology glasses.

However, the symbolism of them is still in.

Photo credits: James Harbal.

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August 07, 2010


Oh yes I did see the latest Shrek movie with this...... very effective.

August 06, 2010


I seen that Panasonic lens, wish they made a really nice one for my 5D Mark II, there's just the Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap which from what I can tell doesn't have very good quality glass @

August 06, 2010


I still see them all the time on kids toys - just not for movies anymore... Speaking of 3D, did you see this: Panasonic 3D lens

August 06, 2010


Cool! Never used them & now I will only see them here :)

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