Patience pays out!

I know, you heard it a thousand times. Now I'd like to talk to those, who have some experience with other stock sites, but are new on Dreamstime. I guess, you have some photos, that sold well on other sites, and are a disappointment here. Or maybe you have pictures that you liked, even LOVED, but got only a few views on other sites.

Now, every stock site attracts different buyers. They like different things. I had some photos, that sold well on another site, and nothing here. And also, the contrary. A photo I felt great about, when I took it... There perfect sunshine, some lovely clouds and an attractive landscape. And no sales. Now here... Here I sold it more than only once.

So I can only tell you, dont give up!

Here are a few pics, I sold here or there.. But never on both sites!



Niagara Falls, Horseshoe Falls

Pannonhalma Abbey

Photo credits: Bettina Wagner.

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March 17, 2017


Deming9120 Thank you, I hope so.

March 16, 2017


Outstanding photos!!! Best wishes and may many more sales come your way!!

March 16, 2017


Teyakp, Patrick57 Thank you!

March 15, 2017


Great image's Bettina! I especially like the waterfall :)

March 15, 2017


It's nice to hear that ... Congratulations for sale... :)

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