Patience and wildlife photography

In wildlife photography the best image almost never happens with the first exposure, sometimes we have to wait for the situation to develop. Watching and waiting after you grab your first exposure can yield the better result. Raccoons are mostly nocturnal animals, so sitting in a park for lunch, I was surprised to see a raccoon climb onto a park trash can. I took my insurance shot.

Raccoon on Trashcan

While I was being watched by this curious raccoon, I waited without moving for the next shot.

Raccoon on Garbage can

I watched as the Raccoon entered the trash can and remained ready for what seemed like an eternity waiting for his exit to capture the image of his escape from dinner. He surprised me by fleeing with a lunch bag!

Raccoon raiding trash can.

The moral of the story is obvious. My Patience rewarded me with the image that would become one of my best sellers. many times we settle for the first image in wildlife photography, but we musty be ready for the scene to develop.

Photo credits: David Coleman.

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June 12, 2016


Awesome! Thanks for sharing them!
Just marked it as a favorite

June 09, 2016


You did a great job.... I love these photos !!!

June 08, 2016


Thank you all for your kind thoughts! Godd luck with your video blog info70962! Looking forward to seeing your photo of the pup on here. Great capture!

June 08, 2016


haha im actually working on a video vlogg about patience in the field. Awesome set of images!
Yesterday I was able to photograph a coyote pup! It was something on my bucket list! The pup was only visible for 5 minutes so I had to work fast.

June 08, 2016


What a fab set of photos and such great advice. Thanks for posting :)

June 08, 2016


ya.Patience is always rewarded....Great work....Keep it more patience and get rewards......Congratulation..

June 08, 2016


Nice story! Great result!

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