Payment In The Lightspeed


Payment requested: Feb 1st, 2011 15:15

Payment received: Feb 1st, 2011 15:23

Can you beat it? ;)

Thank you Dreamstime for the excellent service!

Photo credits: Yakobchuk.

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Thank you so much for your advise Maiji, i'd better give the support a call


Dear Yuguangli,
I'm a submitter like you, and I can't help you in this. Sorry. :(

When I received a check from another stock agency long time ago, it took almost 2 months to clear it.

I don't think you can change the payment option right now, but you can choose a different one next time. Check are always the slowest way to receive your payment. And it's not because of agencies, but because of national banks.

If you don't receive emails from support, then it's better to call them via phone. Emails might get stuck in the spam filters.
Or just drop a comment to one of the admins image about your problem.

Hope you will get it solved!


Sorry to put my question here. i chose bank check payment a month ago, but i didn't receive any check for now. So i contacted DT several times, only get many inquiry numbers. I just want know can i choose other ways for payment? One of my inquiry number is 23115127.


is this via paypal ? it's not by check for sure
Yes, it was Moneybookers. Paypal is a little bit more expensive for me, but when I used it, it was fast too. And of course I don't receive payment on the same day every time, I was just lucky this time. We'll see what will happen next time. :)


is this via paypal ? it's not by check for sure.
i am coming to my payout #3 soon. 13 dollars to go. lucky 13.
and i am wondering about whether something like paypal is better than getting it by check.
ot, can you use paypal or the other one to pay off your credit card,etc..?


Oh wow. High efficiency.


I want to learn how to do this kind of work


good for you! :)
I'll try it soon too


Hmm... I'm not a guy. Only maybe just a little bit lucky, yup.


you are a luck guy!


Yes, this time, Linqong. But that's not always the case.


Hi Maigi

You are so lucky!


Very impressive.


Paul, I believe it's worth it, but this time I decided that way, I wanted to buy some other gadgets as well.


@Maigi - You don't think 60D/7D is worth the price difference over T2i?


Let me try the same ... Just completed First $100 First payment on DT. ;)


... but I'm old school, lol..
You'll have to change it. It makes life so much easier.
You are submitting your images to microstock, which is taking advantage of the best cloud computing principles, innovative media technologies - you can't be that old school... ;))


Good old DT!




Only one person offered to help me spend my money, guess he won! Maigi, I change my mind too much, but taxes is NOT at the top of the list! I don't make enough for that to be a big problem :((


Yes, they are always very fast, it happened to me too! I am very pleased!


really speedy :)


It is a record! Ones I received a payment on my Payoneer card from DT 2 or 3 hours after request. And it was also very fast.
Thank you, DT!


Hard to beat!


Wow, that's is indeed lightning fast.
Both my DT checks took about 6 weeks, which is usual I suppose. But last month I got a payout from another site and my check arrived in 2 days. And both DT and this site are not based in Canada. Maybe the other site has a branch here. Not sure.
But this month I got a payout with a Canadian site last week. So let's see how long this check takes.
I should really have PP or MB, but I'm old school, lol..


@Noonie - I can help you with it. Just forward the checks to me (and as usual, you can keep the stickers). ;)


Super! enjoy your money!


Doesnt give you time to think about how to spend it!
No, I have no problems with it - to pay taxes. LOL


Wow! Doesn't give you time to think about how to spend it! I get checks and it came fast this time, also. Thanks from me, too, DT.


Yeah, I had to double-check, I couldn't believe my eyes... ;)

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