Peacock Fireworks is Kodak Photo of the Day!

My Peackock Fireworks Photo (not the one shown here) has been selected for Photo of the Day on 2/5/08. It'll cycling every few minutes in Times Square that day and will be showing on in the photo of the day section every few minutes.

This photo wasn't selected by Dreamstime, but its good enough for Times Square... LOL!

Link to Peacock Fireworks Photo

If that link doesn't work, just go to, go to the gallery and search for Peacock Fireworks.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this.

Photo credits: Diana Child.

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Congrats Diana! It really is a great pic! Beautiful! It deserves the price!!!


Thanks for the great comments! You're probably right KennyStudios! I didn't think about it in that aspect. Niagaragirl, this is actually a white peacock, not an albino. The beak is very pale for a white, but the eyes aren't pink. The Fountain of Youth at Saint Augustine, Florida has a whole flock of them.


That is a beautiful photo, and congratulations! It probably did not get accepted on Dreamstime because it is less of a 'stock' image and more of an 'art' image. It is definately worthy of being hung on a wall, and displayed in Times Square. :)


An albino peacock! What a catch! I have often tried to shoot these guys but they never perform for me ;-)

On not being selected - isn't that just the way sometimes?

Congrats on your Kodak pick!

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