It is over a year since my trip to Penang, Malaysia, my wife's hometown.

© Xuujie
If you take a look Penang island at google map, you'll find that this island and several small islands surrounded it make Penang state looks like a big turtle.
© Xuujie

Before the spring festival of 2007, we decided to spend the holiday in Penang, so after an eight hour long trip, we reached the heart of the "big turtle". It was really hot in the days when we stay there, my father in law said it's always hot in that season, so if you want to travel to Penang, don't choose the period of spring festival, try some other season.

The food in Penang is very famous in southeast Asia, Hokkien prawn noodle, chaoguotiao, Penang laksa... are all very nice. and the tastes are really different from those in Singapore.

It's a nice memory there and I wish to travel there again :)

© Xuujie
© Xuujie

View the collection of Penang here: Penang

Photo credits: Benglim, Young-sun Teh, Jie Xu.

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April 02, 2008


yes, Chinese is major race in this island, but Malay are also increasing recently.

April 02, 2008


very nice island. i think the culture include Chinese elements. right?

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