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6 of may images have been pending since 19.06. That day I uploaded 1 more and it was accepted. So why the other have been pending for 2 weeks? Most of them are editorials taken in Sardinia. It is really frustrating. What is going on with DT?

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July 05, 2012


For such questions, it is better to check the forums first and ask there rather than in the blog section. There is a thread re. current increased review times of editorial images (thread 31425). If your editorial images are time sensitive and newsworthy you can ask for priority review, otherwise you just need to wait patiently in the queue. It seems that the number of editorial images has increased significantly recently due to the Olympics, elections in Europe and the Queen's jubilee.

July 03, 2012


I don't know about editorials but the normal one's are being reviewed (at least mine) in a record time: about 6 hours!

July 03, 2012


Thanks, maybe you are right...I was just wandering whether the reason might be that vacations have started and more contributors face the same problem.

July 03, 2012


Are you sure this is the right place to discuss this? :) I use "Email us" form in such situations and they solve the problem at the same day.

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