The perfect description

I have pointed out what I consider to be problems with descriptions and keywords. I would like to highlight what I consider to be the perfect description (for me).

The photographer is Travelling-light and he makes my job so much easier. The soup description is: "Traditional Scotch Broth, an old fashioned thrifty soup made from meat on the bone, root vegetables and pearl barley, often eateh as a main course. This one contains lamb shank, carrot, potato, parsnip, dried peas and pearl barley."

Yes, there is a typo in the description, but it is a typo that shouldn't cause anyone a problem. The fact is that the photographer has detailed exactly what is in the soup, I don't have to spend any time trying to figure out what each little morsel is.

Photo credits: Travelling-light.

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February 27, 2014


Very useful!Thanks!

February 09, 2014


Oh! my description write too simple in the past.

February 09, 2014


Thanks, very helpful!

February 06, 2014


Thanks for sharing... Great blog.

February 06, 2014


Thanks for sharing! Useful blog!

February 05, 2014


One useful from me! Thanks for sharing!

February 05, 2014


Nice point, useful to know this, thanks for sharing.

February 05, 2014


You made really the point. I did not think about that before reading your post. Thanks ;)

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