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Hi everybody,

I grew up in a country where everybody takes a great pride in their cooking. Mamas always cook, grandams always bake and you should always feed your guests until they want to burst. So when I first moved to England many years ago my head was full of ideas on English cooking which often has an opinion of being a bit boring :-) I was pleasantly surprised to discover that people in England also love good meals! There are a lot of passionate cooks here and gardeners growing organic vegetables in their back gardens or allotments. There is a fascination with herbs and spices and there are a lots of interesting and tasty - although little know anywhere else - dishes and truly wonderful condiments to try.

Now, in autumn, it is beautiful to see ripe fruit and freshly gathered vegetables at the local markets. At the end of summer holidays my children and I met some friends at the the local pick-your-own farm and we came out with basketful of juicy blackberries and late strawberries. The farm has a little shop and they had the most wonderful Bramley apples for sale. Bramley apples are cooking apples. They taste tart and they are juicy, soft and big. I was admiring them (thinking, as you do, that they would make a good photo!) when the shop kipper asked me if I knew how to make the apple sauce from them. Now, apple sauce is very popular in my family. My husband and children love roast pork and apple sauce - how great it would be to be able to make it myself now when the apples are in season? He said it was very simple and you know what? It is!

Here is how.

You need 3 bramley apples peeled and cored and sliced, 50g of sugar (preferably caster) and 50g of butter. Some people also add cinnamon but it really depends on your taste.

Throw it all in a pan. Put the pan on a low heat. Stir occasionally and don’t let it burn. Have a look - are the apples getting soft? You need a bout 15 minutes, depending on how mashed you want your apples. Serve! Here is what it looks like.

© Ewapix

Or seal it in a jar, put it in the fridge and wait until the 5th of November when you can serve it with roast pork at your bonfire party.

And, if you have never heard about the 5th of November, keep an eye on my blogs. I will try to think of something for the occasion!


Photo credits: Ewapix.

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September 19, 2011


great recipe. i wonder how it taste???

September 19, 2011


Thank you, Catarii. I hope you will like it. Ewapix

September 17, 2011


Wonderful post and great recipe. I just know what I am going to do next. Hehe :)

September 17, 2011


OK will try this and I promise you it is not going to wait till 5th Nov

September 16, 2011


Thanks, and especially thank you Llareggub for your help with translating grams into cups! I recon the amount of sugar will depend on the kind of apple one uses - Bramleys are truly sauer, but perhaps other cooking apples need less sugar?
Cmoulton, thank you too - I have found your blog "One year on Dreamstime" and the recipe on the roast vegetables - we roast veggies a lot, but that sauce you recommended! Wow! We need to try that - it sounds great! Thanks again! Ewapix

September 16, 2011


Sounds wonderful! I'm always game for a new fruit or vegetable recipe (i have also written a couple of blogs with recipes, lol). Thanks for posting!

September 16, 2011


Very interesting recipe! Thanks! :)

September 16, 2011


I will keep my eyes on your blog !

September 16, 2011


Mmmm apple sauce :D

@Laqhill... 43grams of sugar is a 1/3rd of a cup so you should be able to work it from there with the addition of a single tablespoon.

September 16, 2011


I loved your story, and we all love apple sauce too here in Oregon, but I have a problem with the recipe. How much sugar (in cups) is 50g? Sorry I'm not so informed. I love butter, but never thought to put it in applesauce. That just may put it over the top for my family!!! Nice picture, by the way, it looks yummy!!

September 16, 2011


Hello Ewapix!!
Thanks great recipe I'll try to make the apple sauce I would say that it must be good!

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