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Photographing Zoo animals has always been a favorite outing for me albeit a bit tricky, for me taking pictures of zoo animals is like fishing in the ocean you never know what behavior your going to capture, are the animals going to be enjoying a day of laying in shade or as I prefer up and moving around which incidentally provides for the best photo's. In my article image, I've titled it shy little monkey as the monkey seems to be peeking out from behind its hands, this picture was my favorite of the day and it made my day at the zoo seem more like fun than work. I find that the best time to capture animals at play is either first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon in the fall of the year and believe it or not you actually want to go to the zoo when its crowded, with plenty of children. For some reason the animals are more active the more people are around especially children. Hope you enjoyed my article now get to your local zoo and remember to have fun.

Photo credits: Calvin L. Leake.

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August 13, 2014


ZOO? Hmm... What about apes?
 Intellect amplifier 

August 11, 2014


It´s nice photo :-). I like taking photos in ZOO too. It´s good experience and practice for taking photos in nature.

In ZOO I have taken one gorilla too ;-).

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