Persevere and the results will come

I started to Upload images for the first time in march 2004; i was the 33th user registered on After 7 images uploaded from various reasons I forgot about those 7 images online.... I remember about them 6 years later in august 2010. :(.

From september last year i started to take a little bit more serious microstock photography, and i started to upload and shoot more and more (mostly in my free time) stock photos and illustrations...

© Maigi

After i restarted my activity on DT (first 3-4 months) I was very frustrating to see lots of refused images and few sales/month; despite the very low results in sales and AR i never give up, contrary i started to learn more and more about what type of files microstok industry are looking for. After another 3 mounts of improving my technique and uploading the results that i was looking for started to appear... The AR jumped over 70% and more and more sales... the last 3 months where my BME in a row; and for 2 months i passed the ''critical'' $100 / month revenue limit .

What i trying to say, do not be disappointed if your AR and sales are low at the beginning ; try to improve your shooting technique and persevere in quality ( be more selective). Like Yuri Arcurs say on his website try to inspire to an extent from magazines, best selling subjects, TV advertisement and other sources. Don't copy the content already online, improve it; find new concepts and subjects... in one word persevere what you do.

Photo credits: Mladen Bozickovic, Quentin Bargate, Maigi.

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July 07, 2011


Yes perserverence pays....

July 06, 2011


thanks for sharing your experience, same thing happened to me.

July 06, 2011


Interesting blog!

July 06, 2011



July 06, 2011


yeah i can say the same, you got keep running..there is no final is a constant effort to have a constant satisfaction and improve your sales, I am a vector graphic designer, it took me months to improve my graphics, always you can improve your techniques, it is just motivation..checking my numbers give me that extra punch to keep feeding my DT.

July 06, 2011


It is an encouraging blog. Like Like Like :)
I will persevere and hope results and AR will improve along the way (^ _^ )

July 06, 2011


Stock photography is a marathon, not a sprint.
(c) Yuri Arcurs

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