Personal created studio

I started a while ago with some unprofessional studio shots, these really didn't looked the way I wanted them so I started to play around.

I bought a big, glossy white paper in a store and placed my small halogeen-lamp next to it. This is how my personal created studio started to form. I have now 2 big, glossy white papers and a big glossy black paper. But my lamp has died on me!

I am now thinking about getting a lighttent, and just buy a few construction lamps about 500 W. So it doesn't always means that the best equiptment is always needed. If you don't have the money, just improvise. If you're good enough with editing programs you will find yourself becoming better and better at these things.

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December 11, 2007


Depending on what kind of background you would like to use. Any fabric or paper will do. But thanks KenneyStudios!

December 09, 2007


White vinyl is good, too. You can get a 1 yard by 2 yard piece of white vinyl at fabric stores for $10. =)

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