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Hey all I was looking through my portfolio and realised how proud I was of a few of my images and would like to share with you the ones I like the most and would love to see what you all think


If you dont mind sparing the time id really appreciate it if you personally put them in order of fave to worst as I am putting together a website and am going to do a top 10 according to popularity

thanks so much

Photo credits: , Ant May.


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January 13, 2009


Definitely the snake is #1 !

January 12, 2009


Sorry I cant rate all but my personal best are these two images, which gets 10 out of 10
1 Red Tailed Rat Snake
2 Water Dragon Eye
It doesn't mean others are bad, they are all too good, but this too are my fav.

January 12, 2009


Gee, Anton, why don't you ask for something a bit easier, like world peace? Well, ok, here goes nothing:
1. Cable cars
2. Water dragons eye (my previous fave)
3. Valentines Rose
4. Tower bridge
5. Yellow flower and hoverfly
6. On top of the world
7. Leaf structure
8. Chest press
9. Red tailed rat snake
10. Stick out your tongue
11. Rattlesnake with copy space
12. Millennium bridge (not a fan of B&W)

January 12, 2009


Amazing images well done

1. chest press :)
2.rattlesnake tailed rat snake
5.water dragon
6.cable cars
7.on top of the world
8.stick out your tongue
9.yellow flower
10.millenium bridge
11.tower bridge
12.valentines rose

January 12, 2009


I can't really rate them, because I like them all. It would be better if I could put several images in the same place on the scale :), but, I'll try:

1. Cable cars
2. Water dragons eye
3. On top of the world
4. Valentines Rose
5. Yellow flower and hoverfly
6. Red tailed rat snake
7. Leaf structure
8. Rattlesnake with copy space
9. Tower bridge
10. Chest press
11. Stick out your tongue
12. Millennium bridge

January 12, 2009


Awesome pictures! Here are my favorites:

1. On top of the world
2. Cable cars
3. Water dragons eye
4. Yellow flower and hoverfly
5. Red tailed rat snake
6. Tower bridge
7. Valentines Rose
8. Millennium bridge
9. Stick out your tongue
10. Leaf structure
11. Chest press
12. Rattlesnake with copy space

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