Personal income tax

Personal income tax is paid by Poland’s citizens and gave us an incredible strong headache because of its difficult. It is really something that outgrows almost everyone I know. It is complicated and change almost in every three months it is impossible for normal human to keep up for them, accept you are the accountant.

The personal income tax is paid on a monthly basic and the deadline for yearly tax returns is April 30. We have got four different levels of such tax basic of our per year earnings from 19% to 40% (big headache) when you personally have earnings above 85,528 Polish zlotys (roughly 24,500 euro) per year you have to pay a really big one tax.

Is it really that much that we have to pay so much. I do not think so but our government is different opinion so we/I have to submit with that. April 30 is really threatening me, so all I want to say is good luck to all polish around this date.

Photo credits: Kiankhoon.

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Seriously unhappy with the new Dreamstime / US tax requirements. What a log of rigamarole, poorly written forms, poorly written instructions. Dreamstime - move to another country.


I wonder if there is someone that do not have to pay a taxes at all?


Here in the US, our annual income tax deadline is April 15. While US tax codes are quite complicated, we only have to file once a year and make payments quarterly if self-employed. Funny but I did mine a couple of weeks ago and discovered that my Dreamstime earnings are hurting my refund big time! Good luck to all those around the world who are subject to taxes. And may all our governments learn to spend our hard earned tax money more wisely...


I know what you mean. Terrible anniversary.

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