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Since I am into the field of music I have had my own personal website along with many others tagged along owned by me. Your special presence on the web, that’s your own domain name on your own rented server (not and AD based) makes a difference everywhere. You get a different status and a very diverse exposure for your work. My first website was like a blog. I am saying like a blog because blog didn’t officially exist then. Everyday I used to post my progress in my love story which never ended happily. It was like a diary so many people were addicted to, and even today beg to me to start it again, but that makes my wife angry and bugged about me making myself and some other woman famous.

Later, when I started becoming successful in my music, I removed all the personal thingies from my website and started concentrated on my professional aspects like music and spiritual counseling. Over the years I had a very stable traffic until I did something big with a website I own – – The Official Indian Michael Jackson Fanclub. I launched a song that I composed, wrote and sung called “The Michael Jackson Anthem”. The result – 300,000 downloads in 2 years. Hell lot of publicity for me and Michael Jackson (he doesn’t need any from my work) both. The song was featured on major news networks and I became known to people I had never imagined I would reach to. The amount success of success was so vast, that instead of the traffic going from my personal website to the fanclub, it started happening the other way round. I also officially run a fanclub of a classic hero in India, and more sites are getting added up with my own incorporated company website coming up soon, which will be my music label.

When I started photography, I started making albums on the site and posting pics there with watermarks. My entry into stock photography started helping me earn referral earnings as well. As I have also been into web-hosting and designing, everything happened at a very cheap cost for me. I feel every artist or a person who works individually should have his personal website, not on free servers as a showcase to whatever they do. It’s the only shop they really own.



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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