Perth, western Australia.

Went to Perth last week and have some pictures. Few are already uploaded and few more to come.

Perth is beautiful and especially King's Park is a place from which you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of the city.

It has plenty of old and new architectural sites and that is one of the particular features I love most.

Several buildings of early 1900, or at least the facade are maintained while they are replaced by modern high rises.

My first priority was to capture the Perth skyline, but, unfortunately 4 out of 6 days are raining days there.

Although the strong wind and drizzling, I cross the swam river by boat to the south bank and took some photos of the city of Perth. But the worst is my Perth skyline photo at the back of Swam river was rejected by DT due to the image shake. It is possible although I used tripod because it was a very windy day.

Here are some photos...

Perth city Australia

I tried to look around from Google earth before I went there, this building was still under construction and also the two older buildings at the front are under renovation. So now it has new and old architectural site, I love it.

London Court, Western Australia

This is London Court, a shopping mall, must to see is one of the olden day architectural structures situated in a car free zone mall street.

Perth Business District

Another corner of Perth with new and old buildings.

Perth Business District

Don't you think that this is beautiful?

Don't you think that these historical heritage should be maintained?

Thank you for your time.


Photo credits: Henrymm.
  • Henrymm

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September 02, 2013

Beautiful place, thanks for sharing!


August 30, 2013

Great images, thanks for sharing.


August 26, 2013

Beautiful images !


August 25, 2013

@ Unteroffizier..

First of all, thanks for coming.

Tourists' attraction:
For me I like to see those historical sites, heritage buildings and monuments and there are many in WA especially in Fremantle, which is at the south west of Perth.
In the city of Perth, King's park is one of the attraction, good for relaxing and you can enjoy the Perth city skyline.
Another very interesting and attracting places are Wave Rock and Pinnacles Desert, where you can have several hundred good photos. (I did not explore there as most of my days there are raining)

Another thing I like most about Perth is the free ride [ONLY in CBD area] of CAT (City Area Transit) buses in the CBD area. But you have to pay if you go beyond CBD. It make easy and comfortable for tourists. You can get the route map and schedule from train station. There are red, blue and yellow CAT, you just need to know your destination and just board it. Fares are based on zone and I think it is cheap, once you purchase a ticket it last for certain duration and you can use it until the time limit.

Perth Zoo is one of the tourists' attraction. Why?? Every country got zoo, am I right? But not every zoo got kangaroo and Koalas. :D
Kangaroos are running around and you can even hold or touch them if they stop near you by. I did it and found that their fur is very soft.

Culture and food:
I do not know much about it, but I think Perth has huge social and culture diversities than other bigger cities in Au. (I may be wrong). Compare to the big cities from the eastern coastal area, it has large multi racial society. You will see several Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Chinese and many more Asian restaurants as well as the people also. I did not expect that until before I was there. In the north of Perth (North side of the rail station), there even have Chinese Association building (zhong hua hui guan), amazing.

There are many arts and culture centers there but of course Aboriginal culture and arts is I think most attractive one not only in Perth but everywhere in Au.

Thank you and wish you have wonderful sales.


August 24, 2013

Yes of course should be maintained! All historical buildings (heritage) should be maintained! Thank you for sharing!


August 24, 2013

How about some of the tourists' attractions, culture and food over there?


August 24, 2013

This blog I liked it very much, for your ability to better express, through words and pictures the beauty of this place.
Of course, this location should be maintained to the fullest. The images can not be faulted as a composition and I especially like the light of the first and the last picture, congratulations again!