Pet Adoption Photography: Kasha

Aussie Setter mix dog, Pet rescue adoption photography

I love the senior dogs. They often are so much more calm and quiet than the younger dogs. But it is such a heartbreaker to see the seniors come into the animal shelter. Often, they have lived for many years with one family and in the same house. They can become so freaked out and shell-shocked being dumped into a loud kennel environment.

“Kasha” was a sweet Retriever/Aussie mixed breed dog that was picked up stray in Monroe, Georgia USA by a Walton County Animal Control officer on April 10, 2018. She had on an old collar with only a broken clip where an identification tag used to hang. And there was no microchip to find her owner.

She was a sweet and affectionate girl. As the days passed, I was shocked that no owner came to look for her. How can you live with a dog for all those years but not seek them out at the local pound?

When her hold date passed without an owner calling, I knew it was time to get to work. The seniors are often so much easier to photograph, for they tend to stand still during their photo shoots. And Kasha’s photos turned out well. I feel the distant stare in her eyes revealed her longing and looking for her family.

Sadly, she was never claimed. But fortunately she received a second chance through Country Livin’ Pet Rescue on April 16, 2018. Even though she was heartworm positive, they generously took her into their care with the help of some great sponsors who pledged money toward her heartworm treatment.

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Photo credits: William Wise.

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