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Hi all in DT, but especially those who care about animals. I am sure that many of you already know how much I love animals. I love all of them, but my most loved ones are wolves, dogs, dolphins, cats, horses, otters, owls, foxes, birds, tigers, beards. I would wish for all of us - people and animals - the world without cruelness, killing, torturing, hunting... simply I wish love for all us. people and animals living together in peace.

I try to be active in protection of animals. That

The link for contest

It definitely worth to read the page, believe me :-) I wish you a wonderful week, I wish you to have joyful days with your loved pets! May angels bless all of us - people and animals!

Photo credits: Starblue.

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Thank you Star; wonderful blog and thanks for sharing your love of animals. Really, we are all animals; humans tend to feel a bit elevated but truly we are animals. Want to feel your place in the animal kingdom-come face to face with a bear or tiger; then we are not so elevated.


thank you


Thank you very much for the information.


Thakns for the information!


Well, I have 2 cats and one dog for this contest. Thank you! Wonderful idea!


Hi Starblue,nice blor and thanks for sharing! :)


Good luck in the contest Jitka and for all who participate in this contest!


Good luck, I participated too last year!


Good luck in the contest, JItka! Your images are awesome! :)


Thanks to all for your comment, after awhile I am ready to enter the contest as well :-) Good luck to all of you! I wish you to win a prize :-)


NcN18 - you are absolutaly right when you say that I mean "killing for trophies and fun". You describe your activity like "nature manager". This is how it should be - people helping nature.
Unfortunaly the word "hunter" got a terrible sound because there are people who make it "like a sport". But we live in era when many animals kinds are in risk of disappearing from Earth. This is should be the number 1 reason when hunting for sport and trophy is strickly forbiden. Not speaking about a fact that I consider higly immoral if one take an airplane and shoot wolf who has no chance agains gun and airplains, if one goes to Africa and pays to shoot a lion for fun... this is my biggest wish - not to see hunting of this kind!


Thank you for sharing this contest info, I absolutely love your image of the dog's paw in the human hand, so wonderful


I entered the contest,Nice blog,I am an animal lover.


Thanks for sharing. I wish you Good luck in the contest! :)


nice contest
...but I wanna say some words about: "the world without ...hunting..."..
I am a HUNTER! may be right, if you mean..."killing only for the trophy and just for fun"
As a REAL HUNTER! I HAVE TO take care for all animals in my "hunting area", which means I must spend a lot of time in the wood and field at day and rain and snow and ice. It`s my work to regulate the existance of the wild animals in my area. So I have to shoot sick animals or those, they would kill everything else like fox, mink and raccoon all rabbits and eggs from birds. Only with a right regulation the animals are free from diseases, which would kill them. Extremly you can see it on the population of deers. They are sick very fast, have diarrhoea and pneumonia and the male deers have small and crippled antlers. It`s not always easy to "clean up" the population...but its nice to see, if your whole existance is healthy and the offspring will reach the next summer without dieing somewhere because of to less food....


Great! Thank you for sharing!


Great contest! Thanks for sharing and good luck :)


you so good hearted person!! I will check it now. Have you sent your golden cutie???


Hi Starblue.... Thanks for sharing this great info... I already enter the contest with Blacky


Nice Jitka! Thanks for sharing! Wish you all the success with the causes! Have a wonderful time! :)

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