Pet Photography

Pet photography is quite an art in itself. The photographer ideally would love animals and have a raport with them. If you head to The Pet Directory website you will see lots of pets in many different photos with a varied use of animal photography.

It is important when photographing animals, birds or reptiles to gain the trust and attention of the animal. In the case of birds it is essential not to startle them. See for example how relaxed this Rainbow Lorikeet is in his photo against the bright blue sky!

Sometimes it is of value to take a pet side on or as with purebred dogs in what is known as a stacked position to show conformation. For appealing pet photos it is best to have the dog, cat, bird or other pet looking at you in some fashion so that the photo shows the nature of the animal, its essential spirit.

Pet photography takes a lot of time and patience because the subject moves! Often the owner is a big problem because they continually gain the pet's attention fussing around it thus spoiling the chances for the professional photographer of getting on the pet's agenda.

Lots of practice and patience is essential and it is one case where taking lots and lots of shots will probably reap you a couple of good ones!

Photo credits: Kim Cooney.

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December 10, 2019


Every point you make is true. In many ways pet photography is difficult. But I find it easier and more pleasing that people! William 

March 09, 2011


Nice photo!

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