Petroglyphs of Zalavruga

In the summer I with my future wife went to Karelia. We traveled by train 2 days that would go into the Belomorsk. The Russian North has many mystical places and in this trip we visited many of them. In this post I want to talk about the petroglyphs near the town Belomorsk. This is one of the largest concentrations of rock art in Europe. It's called Zalavruga. It is a wild place and get to it easily. Drawings have to search among the remains of the marshy river Vyg...

Drawings made 2-3 thousand years ago. In former times they were painted on granite Islands. But in the days of the Soviet Union on the river Vyg built a hydroelectric dam and the river almost dried up. But at times dam open and dump the excess water. At these moments, the siren sounds and is located in the old river bed is not safe ...

Find petroglyphs is not easy, because they are barely visible on the granite. In cloudy weather, their not visible. To cave paintings were distinguishable sun should illuminate them at an angle and create a shadow.

On the first day, when we were near the petroglyphs was rain and on wet rocks was absolutely nothing to be seen, so we had to go back to the pictures the other day. But in the second day, the weather was cloudy, and the drawings were almost obscured.

The desired lighting turned out only on the third day. The sun was shining just a few hours, but during that time we have seen a lot of petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs Zalavruga - it's not just drawings on the rocks, it's magical stories. Unfortunately the editors do not take all the photos :)

One of the most famous petroglyphs of Zalavruga is a "white shaman". On the stone is depicted not just a figure of a man... The points shown the steps of his magical dance. There is confidence that if you touch this petroglyphs, it will have good luck.

The second petroglyph is a grand winter hunting deer.

So I managed to take a picture of a swan hunting, winter hunting for bear, sea hunt, dancing pregnant women, a herd of deer, elk and other great northern animals.

I hope my bad English does not hurt you to enjoy the wonderful ancient drawings!

Photo credits: Kazakovmaksim.

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August 02, 2013


Great blog, thanks for sharing.

August 01, 2013


Thanks for posting about these very interesting photos. Good luck!

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