the phenomenon of the faster payout

The phenomenon of the faster payout is the name i have given to the following statement we hear all the time.

"Once you reach your first payout the second will come faster"

I wouldn't have believed it and yet i am living it right now. I had my first sale the best i can track in may of 2006 it is a photo of a brick wall that has been manipulated to look like glass block.

It has taken 14 months to reach that first payout. i had a few glitches along the way. destroying my camera, trying to do graphics, death of my father, all kept my portfolio pretty small. however in july of this year i finally made it. the elusive first payout.

I have always been amazed at the images that sell. for instance this simple muslin background created by scanning a piece of muslin while i was without a camera.

The simple gold star, my only exclusive at this point, has sold 10% of the times it has been viewed.

The image with the most views is a silly frog 1467 views , 3 sales.

So how do i know the phenomenon is true? it took 14 months to reach a payout the first time. i am almost one fourth of the way to another and it has only been 6 weeks. sales have been fairly consistent.

what causes this to happen? my husband, a geek :-) , figured it out to my satisfaction.

during the first 14 months i was building my portfolio, it gradually grew and the sales gradually picked up. my portfolio grew and was viewed more often, resulting in more sales.

by the time i reached the payout, i was circulating pretty well in the search engine, i had posted more on the message boards and had learned more of the "buyer climate" for Dreamstime. so therefore i could expect to see more sales in a shorter amount of time.

so all of those with small portfolios, just getting started,bogged down in things beyond your control. it is true !! the second payout will come faster after the first one. it is a phenomenon based on circulation and volume. do not despair , keep uploading , keep posting and your images will be seen.

Photo credits: Denise Milana Beverly, Leszek Maziarz.

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October 27, 2007


cant wait for my first payment ;)

September 06, 2007


Simple and useful!

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