Cinnamon Shelter Dog

Dogs make great models, but before submitting any dog photo to Dreamstime, consider obtaining a model release from the owner, particularly if it is pedigreed, and especially if it is a registered champion. I've had at least one dog photo refused for that very reason. In that case, it was a Boston Terrier participating in a Veteran's Day Parade.

On the other hand, rescued shelter dogs such as Jack, the cinnamon-colored cross-breed pictured here, are probably a safe bet for posting without a release. Nevertheless, when in doubt, get a model release. In the event I should need such a specialized form, I've modified the standard Dreamstime model release so that it applies to pets and minors, and includes parental/owner permission.

Since I currently have just one dog photo on Dreamstime, I picked a few choice others that epitomize canine portraiture which I heretofore refer to as "phoDOGraphy."

White pet dog

Pet dog

Pet Dog

Dog pet American Cocker Spaniel

Pet Dog Chihuahua

Australian Shepherd Dog

Pet dog

Pet Dog Face Closeup

Dog portrait

Portrait of a dog

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Dana Kenneth Johnson is an independent freelance photographer and writer living in Gowen, Michigan, and specializing in photographing toy cars and die-cast models, animals and wildflowers, scenic landscapes and nature details.

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I love dogs...big,little,mutts,pettigreed any of them. These photos are wonderful captures!


I love dogs...big,little,mutts,pettigreed any of them. These photos are wonderful captures!


phoDography is a brilliant phrase that I can see entering the language!! lol


Wonderful creatures !
We are sooo lucky to have them in our lives !!!!


[imgr]http://www.6130250 [/imgr]
Oh yes they are sooo cute here is one of mine.He is 15 yrs old.I love all dogs


How can you not love them :0)


Hehe cool name and cool doggies :)


Whether pedigree or not, all are beautiful models!


Aww!!! I hope I can eventually take photos of our dogs that are high enough quality to be accepted!


Cute, lovely dogs, and yeah phoDOGraphy suits well.


Aren't they just beautiful! phoDOGraphy - love that! :)