Phoenix(Fenghuang), one of the most beautiful town in China

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In China , Phoenix is the king of birds in the ancient legend, almost as famous as dragon. And also Phoenix is a placename. Phoenix(Fenghuang) county is located in the west of Hunan Province of is one of the most beautiful town in China according to the description of New Zealand writer Rewi Alley.

© Raywoo

© Raywoo

Here, you can see rows of small wooden houses projecting over the water along the tuo river, and ancient red stone Streets near the river.

Fenghuang is very beautiful, especially in the morning when the fog rolls up from the water.

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The tuo river is not deep , but the water is very clear and pure, and there's many green weeds in it. The local residents like to wash their clothes in the river.

© Raywoo

© Raywoo

© Raywoo

Photo credits: Raywoo.

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Beautiful Fenghuang, beautiful pictures.


Ethereal images, nice mood and colors again, well done.


Awesome images. They all look like paintings. Great captures.


It depends , I think. Fortunately during my stay in Phoenix , it is always foggy in the morning and sunny in the daytime. very good for taking photos.


It looks very beautiful indeed! Is there always something like a fog?

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