Photo by accident..

Sometimes, a photo was taken by accident can be a stock photo..

Actually, I want to take a self portrait photo, but accidentally the camera was focus on my necktie and cannot see my face on the photo. I almost want to delete it but don't know why I still keep this photo. When I transfered photos to my computer, I noticed again this photo. Hey! let's do some photoshoping and upload it and surprisingly it was accepted. Luckily, I did not delete this photo.

Please don't delete a photo too fast. You never know it may bring a sale for you..

Here is the photo:

Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.

Your article must be written in English



Hope so..


Love the shirt and tie. I can see that selling well around Father's Day!


It's very good photo, I like it! And I'm totally agree with you, you never know ..


yeah very good accidental photo


Thanks all!


Great, with some luck it will sell good even :)


nice pic! Good luck with it! Love the sepia tones in it


That's great. It is a really good shot. Good luck with sales.


WOW!!! What a neat story!

I took this photo on a mere whim because I liked the architecture of the house so much - then made it sepia and uploaded it - voila!

 Modern Mansion 

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