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People of the past wrote diaries, I remember during my primary school days, there were cute diaries that came with locks. So much for the secrecy back then.

Next came along blogs, taking the world by storm, creating 'full time jobs' for some, changing the world with individualistic perspectives from every corner. Blogs became an in-thing.

Now, photography has taken a big leap in terms of dominating blogs - photo blogs, photo journals.

Like they always say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Some people on the popular photo sharing website adheres to a self imposed rule of having a photo taken everyday. They tag this event as 365days.

Everyday a photograph will represent their day, their mood, their expressions. Some see it in as a picture of themselves, some uses abstract while some others include scenes from the streets.

Photography is today's necessity more than a want. People feel that having a photo defines their lifestyle in their blog so much more. Having a photo saves so much time explaining what they did and who they hanged out with.

Look, we are now compelled to post a photo even with our blog! Surprisingly I only realised this as I am about to add my photo... haha!

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October 06, 2007


yep, you canhave your own kind, perhaps weekly, fortnightly, monthly i hope not annually! haha

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Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.