Photo Camera for lefties, usable or gadget?

Hey Photo-Maniacs,

Recently I was Taking a picture (of a fighter jet in flight) and suddenly I did not notice the plane any-more... because my right eye is covered by the camera, annoying and pictures ... lost ...Reaction Time lost...

I have more stories like this, I will surely tell you later, some funny other rather tedious, some even dangerous...

I came home and thought would left-handed cameras exist, would there be people who find this useful.

And strangely on google I found actual left-handed cameras ... so they exist.

Are there left-handed photographers using a left-handed camera at dreamstime?

Because I'm still wondering whether I should not go in the future for the left-handed camera. Are there "lefties people" who find it absolute bullshit and shoot pictures with a right-handed camera (and have sometimes difficulties too) and what are your solutions?

My awkward "lefty" pose: witness my profile picture, there people out Who Now What I mean?

And tell what it does to you to be the "left-handed" in a right-handed photo world.

Meanwhile, when I wrote this blog my hundredth Photo was accepted dreamstime and my very first illustration that I sent, fantastic, This is the illustration:

Well, I'm curious To hear Your Story and opinions on lefties cameras.

Your article must be written in English

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Photo credits: Bart Cleymans.