A photo close to my heart

My first successful attempt at Dreamstime assignments! Excited !! In fact the excitement is double as this photo is very special to me. That baby is my cute little daughter and the mother is my sweet wife!

This visual came to my mind a few months ago when I was taking a casual photo of my little one walking on the terrace holding her mother's hand! I started working on making it real. On the same day, from the same terrace, I clicked the sunset.

There is a marshland near my place and a lot of water birds around. In a few days, I could shoot a flying stork from my balcony. That was pretty easy and took me one step closer to that visual in my mind !!

Next was the hardest part. The tree !! Isolating a tree was something I had no idea about. Scanning through my collection of photos, I found this tree which I thought would fit in the scene! A bit of googling and a lot of patience - I finally isolated the tree. Not perfect but a decent job it was.

Finally my wife was kind enough to pose holding our daughter's hand !! (The photo I took on the terrace had only her hand in the frame!)

I had the ground part ready with me (used for some earlier works), Compositing these photos was not a big task.

And here is the result, a photo close to my heart.

Thanks for reading!

Parenting - Mother and baby silhouette

Photo credits: Prasanth G.

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Thank you! :-)

April 24, 2015


Very nice. Congratulations. I shall submit my vote ;)

Good luck!

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