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Today I have got in an e-mail news about a Wildlife photo contest. The detaills will be announced soon, but here is a page with the winner of the last contest. I do believe that it is a great opportunity for those who photograph nature. I see many beautiful photos with the topic of nature here in DT. Perhaps your talent can shine also here :-)


I wish you a great day and a wonderful relationship with nature. I love nature and I always pray that all people can protect animals, trees, oceans, rivers.... all our beautiful Earth!

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  • Starblue
The origin of the word "photography" is from Greek and means "write with light". I love to "write with light". I will be happy if you enjoy "my writings with lights". Thanks for visiting my portfolio, I wish you good eyes for chosing photos and light in your life!

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November 15, 2010

A good opportunity to practise and improve.


November 11, 2010

I love nature too.
You "shooting" a very cute little squirrel, like a naughty child----


November 09, 2010

TO ALL of you: thank you for your nice comments. I am glad to share info and believe me - if you will take part, I will be happy and I keep my fingers crossed that you can win!


November 09, 2010

Thanks for sharing! Wish you a lovely day!


November 09, 2010

Thank you for sharing! Hi Starblue! :)

Fabio and Concetta.


November 09, 2010

Hi Starblue... Thanks for sharing.


November 09, 2010

Great Starblue, I've bookmarked the contest page and I will keep an eye out for the next contest. I love doing wildlife but am relatively new at it but I have several photo's of a family of foxes that live near my home in St John's Newfoundland. There is the mother and father as well as three pups, two of which are black. Thanks again for the contest alert.


November 09, 2010

Thank you for sharing! I love wildlife pics, too!


November 09, 2010

Thank you for sharing!


November 09, 2010

Thanks for the info, I will have to give the 2011 contest a try once details are announced :0)


November 09, 2010

Thanks for sharing!! ^_^


November 09, 2010

Thanks for sharing!


November 09, 2010

Good luck in this contest!


November 08, 2010

Thank you Jitka!


November 08, 2010

Thanks for sharing.

I went through your portofolio, there are some amazing pictures in there, keep it up !


November 08, 2010

Thanks for sharing Jitka! It's very nice of you! I agree there are lots of great photos here! :)