Photo contests, more and more a race for our money

I need to talk about something that really is starting to annoy me.

This whole year we have been getting mails about entering contests. of course there are a few that really bring you your exposure and a slight amount of fame.

But most of them don't bring you anything. They only bring the organisation your money.

10 USD up to 150 USD for just entering your photo in the competition. And what do you get when you win? 1500 USD and a publication in a their own book which of course you get for free but will be sold worldwide to others. Think about 1000 entries a 50 USD and it is very simple mathematics to see who really wins the contest.

Only one time I entered myself and the result would be known next week. But it seems they have not raised enough money from the contestants (How can they with a competition of about 150 other contests?) So they simply extended the deadline up to the end of the year with the reason of implementing a new pay system this month that delayed some payments. What does this bring us? Yep more competition in the contest. What does it bring the organization? Yep more money.

One word of advice to all. Do not enter any contest that asks money to participate. It will only cost you.

Photo credits: Pressmaster.

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December 10, 2007


I look for contest that join for free, mostly are reliable organization like Nikon canon unesco and many other 100. There are some contest join for free when they selected your picture for standing out and try to sale you many product on your own picture before final contest.
Good luck.

December 10, 2007


Dear Dimitry, please do not turn my words, which I choose carefully, around. I am not saying that all contests are frauds. This blog is only about those who are and they are becoming more and more and more. Read the second half of the second sentence ******************of course there are a few that really bring you your exposure and a slight amount of fame.****************************

The percentage of frauds is rising very very fast but I am not suggesting they all are my friend.

December 09, 2007


Some really good contests do require entries fees, are run by credentialed organizations, and have been around for many years. It's not about whether or not a contests asks for an entry fee that constitutes it as "fraud", which you seem to be implying.
Before entering any contest, carefully read through the rules, regulations, fine print, etc etc. Do a little research on the organization that is hosting the contest before signing up. Also, just because a contest is free to enter doesn't mean it is bonafide. Sometimes they just want your images as their own, and sometimes it is just a vanity press.
Just because you have had some bad experiences with contests and entry fees in the past doesn't mean you should immediately jump to conclusions and assume that anyone asking for an entry fee is lying to you.

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