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Several months ago, I made a photo, that I shot both on film and digital. I am in love with slide films - they are the best quality that we as photographers could achieve - that's my opinion. Unfortunately I don't have film scanner so I made the digital copy just to have it online, to show it to my friends and to upload it here for stock. At that time the only digital equipment I had was Olympus E-500 with kit lens. The film I used is Kodak Ektachrome VS - one of the best! :) Especially for that type of photos. And so several months passed till I got the chance to scan the slide frame and when I open the two files... I was amazed. Everyone had looked at many film vs digital tests and whatever... but when you make it yourself, and you know how it looked in real life and than on photo... I think only than you realize the differences. Now I will post the two images, which are without changes - I am not very good at postproduction, and I fixed them just a little bit, especially the scanned one, to reach the real slide, which is actually impossible - the slide is much much better! But I can't show it to you, so here they are:



Photo credits: Astrug.

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right... scaning is the problem... for this particular shot - it's made on Kodak Professional 400 BW for C41 process - we tryied for maybe one hour to scan it on Imacon scanner, which is considered as a very good one, but the result was awful.. so I went to another place where they scaned it much better, directly with a lab machine, but still there is noise in the black parts, which I am sure doesn't exist on the film...

but as if nowadays you must have it digital in order to use it, no matter for copy or stock or just web site, you need the top quality scaner... but still even with this problems, film give us much more... I think...

and the pleasure to load, develop, cut slides and so on is... great for me :)


I have read some articles about the difference between photos made on film and digital. I have one digital camera : a canon 40d, and one on film : a canon t2 . I have a lot of pictures made with the camera on film, but now i`m looking for a shop where I can scan my pictures. In my country you can`t find easy one of them :P
I now that the result will amaze me and I`m so anxious!
Your photos look great and your right about the difference between film and digital!
Thanks for sharing!


recently I made again two photos on one and the the same spot - film and digital:



the secound one (film) I made several hours later, that's why the sun is different, also on the digital one I used the sepia effect on the camera, while the film was black&white negative and I made the sepia effect in PS after I scan it

still quite a difference... the film has huge dynamics - you could see the sky and sea outside in the back...




Nice work! Good luck :)


Very interesting. Especially the studio.

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