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Photo for free?

In my blog I recently posted about the photo for free strategy. Here in Dreamstime, as in other agencies, is quite popular the marketing technique to give a photo (or more photos) for free in exchange for portfolio visibility and possibly future sales.

My point was to start considering the photo for free as a personal idea, in your own blog for example.

What do you think about it? I know of only one guy doing it in his blog, are there others trying this marketing idea for themselves?

photo for free strategy

Photo credits: Daniel Kaesler, Nikolai Sorokin, Petra Roeder.

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September 18, 2009


Hi Oxbeast

thank you for your comment. I'm glad to be of inspiration wish you good luck in your endeavors and in photography especially!
p.s. I like your red firemen truck photo! .-)

September 18, 2009


hey i just wanted to let you know you are my favorite Photographer hands down! I strive to some day be as good as you Im in the millitary and have a hard time finding the time to take as many pictures as i want to but i will try to take as many as possible and keep impreoving thanks for the motivation!!

August 12, 2009


thanks Eugene78, Linqong and Susan for your comments. I start to think that this idea of photo given away on your own website or blog is viable only on a temporary basis - the image should be available for a set period of time to download, not forever. In this way only faithful followers will benefit. Of course there is also to consider what kind of usage the photo for 'free' allows.

August 11, 2009


There'll be more competition now!

August 11, 2009


Good idea:)

August 11, 2009


as far as I know, photo for free on this site is provided primarily a photographer, not a website. Photographer itself gives a picture section for free.

August 11, 2009


thank you Keki and Applee for your comment.

August 11, 2009


very cool actually

August 11, 2009


cool idea.

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