Photo Hunting

Sometimes ya need to just get out of the house and go for a ride.

And when the winter has been long and nasty one starts to get a little shack wacky and that makes it all the more important to get out.

It makes it all the more enjoyable to take your camera and a campanion along to enjoy the scenery.

This is also a great opportunity to capture some good photos along the way.

I like to take old roads that have little traffic and just drive very slow to see what's out there.

It is really neat to all of a sudden get to a place and see a photo in your head that drives you to try anf get it in the camera

Of course I have not always managed to get the same picture in the camera that I had in my head but the hunt is half the fun.

As of yet we don't have a view tax so you can photo hunt without anything but your camera and a little time

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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