Photo manipulation - tips for the best results

A balcony in Heaven

Today I decided to talk about photo manipulation.

Since 2003 I work with this type of art. I have done several exhibitions with my works and I love to see exquisite work with perfect cut and light.

My great inspiration and collaborator is my husband and partner Alvaro Ennes. We made several trips together and, many times, I was his model. Here you can get an idea of a photo before it is manipulated and afterwards - with a change of background, light and effects.

Blond woman in antique costumes

Where are my dreams?

But what makes photo manipulation work? IMHO the clipping and the final light are essential for your work to become as realistic as possible. Particularly, I use Photoshop - I like to make the cutouts manually and use the "blur tool" to finish my cutouts.

A good crop makes the image look great on white or black backgrounds. This is a good example:

Violin in transparent background

In Whitby - UK we had the opportunity to visit a wonderful cemetery. I'm not a fan of dark images but I was enchanted by the stone graves we found there. So I tried to make a composition that resembled the dark concept but remained in the clean concept.

Celtic Cross in Whitby Abbey

Whitby Cemetery with gravestones

Another example I like a lot is this astronomical clock that we found in Paris. Using a night sky made by myself in Photoshop using brushes and later, layer styles like overlay and soft light next to the clock and that's it ... you get a beautiful composition, don't you agree?

Astronomical Clock with Zodiac Signs

Astronomical Clock with Zodiac Signs

Finally, when working with models, you should pay attention to the hair - the cut should never be hard and you can (and should!), use brushes to finish. Pay attention to the general composition, lights, colors, etc.

With good taste you can work miracles with photo manipulation! And, if you need it, I'm here for whatever you need ( it's within my reach!). :)

Remembering that here on Dreamstime you can only use images that you have the right to use on them. So take care with this!



Photo credits: Alvaro Pereira, Amelia Gama.

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March 30, 2020


Love the images and the inspiration to explore potential using photoshop and our own creativity.

March 23, 2020


Excellent work, and most importantly realistic. I still can't do it and my photo collages don't have such naturalness. But I'm aiming for it.

March 22, 2020


Great post .I love it .Thanks for sharing theideas about photos and photoshop.

March 22, 2020


Great photos - Thanks for sharing the concept!

March 22, 2020


Great post!

March 09, 2020


Thank you all! :)

March 08, 2020


Love all these photos, great work!

March 06, 2020


Incredible work, especially with the woman in the gateway. I'd have no idea where to even begin to create images like that! Wonderful job. William 

March 06, 2020


Nicely done and shows what can be done with some imagination and creativity.

March 06, 2020


I love it, 

March 05, 2020


Very creative images; good work!

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