Photo without post-processing

Have you ever submitted a photo for stock site without any modification? Without hard times spending with Photoshop or noise reduction software?

Every time I push the button of my cam, I dreamed about that I can catch the moment, I can show, what I see at that moment. I'm not an artist, I hate to use hard Photoshop effects with urban, green or sepia actions. Maybe the problem I can't learn how I should use them. ;) I only use some levels modification, maybe brightness/contrast, hightlights and usually that's all. Anyway, I even don't like those modern photos with common 'artistic' looking (I hardly can find them in DT, so it's really good. :)). I'm not talking about wonderful fantasy pictures or romantic sunset castles.

Anyway, the meaning of this post is to show you my one and only photo on DT without any post-processing. Card out from cam, pic in my PC and start upload...unfortunately it's really rare - what do you think about it? Do you have similar photo - without any postprocessing?

Some notes to this photo:

f/5.6, ISO100, 1/200, Pentax smc-da 55-300mm, 255mm on 35mm film - Pentax k10d with a GorillaPod in our garden --> was really funny as I laid down with my cam into the ground and neighbour's cat found me :D

Photo credits: Aginger.

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Beautiful!!!!! I don't do a lot of post-processing either.


I'm actually not very good at postprocessing so I often don't do any at all. I do a little crop here and there and sometimes boost contrast and saturation but mostly nothing. I have a copy of photoshop elements and I really need to learn what to do with it...there are so many great images online that I think I would benefit greatly from finding the time to learn!! Nice image by the way!


Marpit, it's a beautiful photo of that lighthouse, thank you for sharing!


A lot of photo of my portfolio are uploaded without any modification. Because I'am an amateur and a novice and in the beginning I don't modify my photo.
This one, for example, is the my most visited photo and I uploaded without any modifcation.


lovely pic.


Nicely done!


Thank you. :) A few day later I tried a modified version also, but it's, who knows what is needed :)


I wish I could do that, I spend a lot of time in Photoshop or Apple Aperture may be Im a designer by default and a photographer by hobby, I under estimate my images and do some modification these software. Nice picture though


You are so right. I do not publish a photo without post-processing, either. But for photos, which I do not especially shoot for hard post-processing, I usually just need to crop a bit, increase contrast and decrease or increase colors. That's it. This can also be done in Lightroom/Elements/whatever-you-use and does not really need Photoshop at all. ;-)


Nice photo.
As for submitting photos without PP that's my aim every time I press the shutter release.

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