Photo sentiment

Recently, from the library through a series of books on photography theory. There is deep sentiment. In recent years, although the photographic science and technology by leaps and bounds, but the tools

Progress has nothing to do with artistic achievement. We may be more and more concerned about the equipment and skills, but less and less thinking of photography itself. The photography is a way

Rather than technology; is a confirmation, rather than deny ...

Beginners often concerned about whether the photographs clearly, the accuracy of exposure, this is the first stage. I remember the film with manual machine, measuring only point increase in hand

Exposure action, if the shutter speed in a safe, would rather not take on. A long time, the light sensitive and can speak impromptu say exposure parameters, and then light meter confirmed that the difference

But a file. Then we must care for the composition, how to highlight the theme, remove interference, it is necessary to achieve the kind of perspective effect. Coupled with good composition accuracy of the exposure, which

Kind of ugly photos will not, however, does not mean good-looking pictures of good photos. The next step is to make a meaningful, this has been the most difficult. Meaningful light is not enough to be profound, such as

Reflect a class of human life, and a silhouette of the city, and even the characteristics of an era ...

Others asked me why I like taking pictures, because I always said to be happy, like to see things take off, as a visual extension of time for the record. In fact, this will never beat

Not a good picture. Intuitive, we see the superficial things are written, visual pleasure. Deep-seated and things have to go through thinking to mining.

To go around, a good picture of the subject matter may be found everywhere, but nothing at home. Multi-path, face the risk of incidents will increase.

In fact, the equipment is not important, Bresson their lives with only a Coke will be 23. The use of only the most rapid light of the header. Must be good at using the header. Do not

To discuss equipment. On the other hand, now the photography forums domestic, 80% of the contents of the discussion in equipment, 15% on skills, and explore the deeper, almost nothing can be Chen.

I remember reading a photograph, a photographer to shoot the United States, a young Chinese cabbage in a full pull of the tricycle sitting on the easy-going. Although the film is very simple, but

Caught my sympathy, the thought of those days, winter days eating only cabbage. There is a school library, I see a Japanese photographer to shoot pictures of the scene

80 era, Baotou Iron and Steel riding a bicycle on the street people. Is in front of the chimney and steel plant, which is a junior high school, I often see images of our parents is every

Day plant to go to work. I then use mobile phones distributed under the remake of my mother ...

Although it can not be compared with the master, keep it up, even if his life can take a good photo is sufficient.

Photo credits: Yinghua.

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September 30, 2008


What?? I don't understand this. It does not make sense.

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