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I am grateful for my dSLR [and the person behind it—you see, my first and only (for now) dSLR is a gift from a dear friend who decided to upgrade from an older model dSLR, and thought of me--thus I got upgraded too]! This camera gave me a better vision and a deeper appreciation of the world I live in. I now notice things that I previously took for granted such as the beauty of these towering palm trees shooting up towards the heavens... the contrast of the dark green foliage against the clear blue skies. Look up one way and you see a certain view of their union, walk a few steps to the side, forward or whichever direction your feet takes you and enjoy a brand new view of the same tall, skinny trees against the same blue background.

Ahhh, we have such a wonderful Creator and He made sure we are surrounded by His awesome creations. It is now up to us to open our eyes to them, and with the privilege of owning a camera (a dSLR no less!), take a few clicks and share the joy with the rest of the world!

Photo credits: Jennifer Pitiquen.

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October 30, 2009


YES!!!! Welcome to my "great" and "lovely" friend! And thank goodness for DT, we're officially connected, woohoooohoooo!

October 24, 2009


At last I'm in.Helloooo!

October 09, 2009


Joy of photography, such a wonderful world!

October 09, 2009


i've had my dslr since last december and can't agree with you more - you have a lovely friend - good luck with your sales :)

October 08, 2009


You have a great friend. Photography does make you see things in a different light, it's like you suddenly see things that were always there but you never noticed. It does open your eyes :0)

October 08, 2009


Welcome to the wonderful world of photography, enjoy your new DSLR and much success.

October 08, 2009


Nice! keep up the good work! Cheers ;)

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