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Besides photography I am a writer so with the advent of self publishing through Amazon I decided to put out some novels and short stories. The process is very much "do it yourself" from typing, to layout, to cover design. So I have taken on the role of designer for the books and it has been fun to look at photographs for cover illustration from a different point of view. The first book I did was fairly easy since I knew where I wanted the cover photo to be from and I kew it when I saw it. Short stories are a little harder bacause the cover art could go a lot of different directions. The there is the problem of finding a photo that has the elements in the right place for a title, isn't too busy, has the color I want for the fonts etc.

It's been fun to look at Dreamstime photos from the point of view of a designer and I hope it will influence what I shoot pictures of. Here are some of the shots I am considering for the new book cover.

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April 28, 2012


Would love to hear more about the creative process you go through in picking out a photo for your work .... any tips you can give us as to the "eye" we should be keeping would be most helpful! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your written (and visual) projects! K-

April 28, 2012



April 27, 2012


I learned something else yesterday--carefully look at the DPI and size before you download something. Downloaded the wrong size twice!

April 27, 2012


An exercise we all shoud do...

April 26, 2012


Nice !

April 26, 2012


yes that s right, thanks for sharing

April 26, 2012


Thanks for sharing...

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